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Sophie's Stitches Interiors

Meet Sophie's Stitches

Hi I'm Sophie


"Sophie's Stitches" is an independent family-run business based in Brighton, Mid Sussex that has built up a loyal following of customers who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Passionate about textiles and the design of beautiful bespoke soft furnishings, I have built on a career on fabrics and fashion. 

Founder & Owner


"It is my belief that well-made curtains and blinds can transform the look and feel of your home"  

Design Studio for Sophie's Stitches interiors Brighton

What We Value

Green issues are important to us Nowadays I am very aware of green issues, and am always on the lookout for what is sustainable on the market. There seem to be differing levels of it in the industry and ways of going about it from company to company. On my recent visit to Decorex '22 show I was really impressed with what some companies had achieved in comparison to my visit there before the pandemic...For example, the UK'S best-selling velvet now contains 12 plastic bottles per metre and is really lovely!!


Quality wise I spend time choosing the right materials for customers and then make items well to last. We are happy to use customers' own or newly bought vintage fabric on Roman blinds. We also offer to alter curtains when on whole-house projects to ease the cost of the whole project. Upholstery is also undertaken, which is much more sustainable than buying new furniture. Potentially avoiding furniture from ever going to landfill.


Local Knowledge

Over the years I have grown familiar with local properties and can advise you on what will work and why. ​


End to End

With an eye for design and a head for practicalities, being there from the start to the end of the process ensures that nothing is lost in translation and it is an enjoyable experience for the client


Niche Brands

I am always on the lookout for niche brands like Anna Hayman and House of hackney  


International Brands

We enjoy attending both 'Decorex' and 'Focus' in London each year, which is an international hub where many new fabrics and ideas are showcased.


Artisan Brands

We lookout for smaller Artisan brands such as Jennifer Shorto and Anna Proctor  



Every item I design starts with a unique vision, brought to life through years of experience. 

My Story

From a young age, I have always had various craft projects on the go, and have never lost my enthusiasm for sewing and beautiful fabrics. My mother had a sewing machine she used quite regularly, to alter and make clothes and my father was in the building industry, and so there was always a project going on in the home. Over time it was only natural that I would gain some of their skills and be confident in my progression.

Originally I trained in Art, Fashion and Textiles. I loved creating something unique in terms of clothing that could make you feel special. In time I found that soft furnishings and interiors could also make you feel good. After leaving college I worked in varied technical roles involving the tailoring and making of high-quality clothes labels like John Richmond and Nicole Farhi, before making the move over to soft furnishings.

My soft furnishing skills were developed through training at top Brighton Curtain Makers 'Turners'. From there I set up my own business in 2004 to achieve a better work-life balance with a family.

My Philosophy

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